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A 1 Extreme Carpet & Upholstery Clea(503-842-8332)
Godfrey Charlotte M(503-625-4698)
Haglund David(503-625-7218)
Hall Ivory(503-625-7296)
Ingram Joan P(503-625-6325)
Knudsen Harold O(503-625-2426)
Lawson A(503-625-5323)
Mattis L K(503-625-7032)
Nix Molly(503-625-1166)
Nix Paul(503-625-1166)
Pachuta Michael(503-925-9071)
Russell Douglas A(503-612-7942)
Steuer Carolyn B(503-625-5210)
Steuer Frank W(503-625-5210)
Walker Charlee(503-625-0240)
White Virgil(503-925-1726)
Sherwood Tractor & Rental(503-625-5549)
Birch J W(503-625-6865)
Desautel Sidney(503-625-3985)
Neubauer Hal(503-625-4631)
Tea Roxana L(503-625-7893)
Webster Earl(503-625-6768)
Webster Maxine(503-625-6768)
McFall Lloyd W(503-625-6723)
High-Tech Graphics(503-925-8310)
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